Aerial Safety

All You Need to Know About Safety, Setup, and Venue Requirements
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What are the rigging requirements for aerialists?

Aerialists require a rigging point so they can safely attach their equipment. Many venues have rigging suppliers they work with, but it’s best to get this confirmed as soon as possible - historical buildings likely won’t. If not, a truss structure could be installed, or our artists could perform with a freestanding rig. We will work with you to achieve the best option.

We need to plan for taking down equipment post-performance. Time needs to be set for this process - especially if other performers are on stage, or an audience is seated underneath. A way around this is to feature the aerial equipment as décor. Aerial silks make beautiful drapes while aerial props can become art-installations and add to the ambiance of the room.

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How much height do I need for an aerial performance?

We like to have a minimum of 20 feet in height for an effective aerial display that can include drops in the choreography. However, aerial lyra is a good option for lower ceilings. A height of 12 feet allows an artist to perform on top of the hoop as well as inside and below it.

Rigging In Your Venue

Our rigging is completely non-invasive, won’t mar or mark floors, and doesn’t require anything except available floor space. Often the perfect solution to achieve aerial artistry in unusual settings or outdoors is a portable freestanding rig, like the one Circus Kaput can provide.

If you’d like to have rigging inside your location, we need to achieve one or more aerial rigging points.  In general terms, this is the place where we are able to attach the aerial apparatus so it is able to support a certain amount of weight.

There are numerous ways to achieve an aerial rigging point, and our goal is always to find the simplest method.  We will schedule a site visit with you to assess the possibilities.  Management of the venue or facility should be involved in this discussion.  In a nutshell, we need to be able to have direct access to a structural element of your building (think exposed steel beams or girders), or some other form of structural support.

The minimum height for an appropriate aerial rigging point is 14 feet, though this will prevent some of the larger moves from occurring. Most performing aerials are done between 18 and 30 feet.

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Portable Aerial Rig

If your venue won’t accommodate on site rigging for any reason there is also the option of having our portable aerial rig set up for your event. Imagine a 20 foot tall freestanding swing set. As long as the ceiling is high enough and unobstructed (no hanging chandeliers, heating ducts, etc.) and there will be enough clear space on the ground for the rig’s footprint this is often a simple solution to bringing aerial artistry in to places where it couldn’t otherwise occur. We have repeatedly demonstrated to clients with extremely high standards (The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Franklin Institute, The University of Pennsylvania, etc.,) that our portable aerial rig is completely non-invasive, won’t mar or mark any floor surface, and can be set up and taken down with the utmost of care.

Requirements for the portable aerial rig are a free and clear rectangular floor space measuring 24 feet across the front and 28 feet along the sides, with a unobstructed vertical space no less than 20 feet tall.

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