About Our Aerialists

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We Have Options

Whether it's a background performance or a show choreographed to music Circus Kaput will make your event amazing!  No event is too large, no event too small.  We can customize our performances to your event with costumes, music and style that compliment the theme of your special occasion.

Ambient aerial provides dynamic movement, grace, and beauty as an ongoing presence throughout an event. Ambient aerialists flow gracefully from pose to pose, floating above the crowd, dancing through the air, and setting a tone of sophistication and elegance from start to finish.

You CAN have aerial performances at your event!

Many clients love the idea of aerial at their upcoming event but are unsure if a typical aerial set-up will be suitable. Rest assured, many aerial-style performances can take place with or without structural rigging points. Along with aerial silks, lyra, trapeze, and many more suspended props, we offer free-standing alternatives which are just as impactful.

Our freestanding Lollipop Lyra performance can be the perfect solution to fit for events with smaller space availability.  This act is compact and packs a powerful punch of entertainment. The lollipop lyra requires a footprint of 10x10 feet and a ceiling height of at least 12 feet. Our freestanding Lollipop Lyra can be performed as a stage show, aerial champagne service, or ambient act. Make your next event pop with our enchanting lollipop lyra! 

aerial silks event entertainer indoors
male aerial hoop entertainer indoor event

Can aerial performances be tailored to suit my theme?

Yes! Many aerialists offer innovative and exciting themes to suit all kinds of events, occasions, and moods. From beautiful and elegant, to flowery woodland nymphs or futuristic galactic characters to spooky Halloween themes and sophisticated vintage pin-ups, we love nothing more than working with event planners to develop a new or tailored themed performance.

Consider which type of aerial equipment would suit your theme; for example, trapeze is great for a vintage circus vibe, while colorful silks suit might suit a color theme. There are all manner of bespoke aerial props we can discuss with you as well.

Top Notch Performances

Aerial arts are a circus tradition, and no one better understands the undeniable appeal and endless possibilities than Circus Kaput!

By adopting ambitious choreography, modern soundtracks, and themed-costuming, our aerial acts continue to innovate and evolve.  Solo or several acrobatic artists can take to the air at your event and can even collaborate with other circus acts, musicians and digital artists.

aerial silks event performer
aerial trapeze performer

How long is a typical aerial performance?

For a high-impact stage performance, we recommend 3-5 minutes, while ambient performances work well as three 10-15 minute sets with breaks in between. Due to the highly physical nature of aerial shows, artists will have a maximum amount of time they can work for without a break. You can always add more aerialists or mix with additional performers.

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